Shipping - FREE shipping on all orders over R800 within South Africa

We are located in Hartbeespoort, near Johannesburg, South Africa, but we deliver to any destination both locally or internationally. For orders less than R800 a shipping cost of R99 will be added to your StickArt order. The maximum estimated delivery time for an order within South Africa is 6 working days once your order has been paid. We teamed up with The Courierguy to ensure that your parcel arrive quickly, safely and securely. Your order will be delivered to your door. Once your StickArt order has been shipped, we will send you a tracking number, as well as an estimated delivery date. To avoid disappointment, please ensure that someone is as your delivery address to sign for your StickArt. All of StickArt’s products are made to order. 

Secure Shopping, Ordering & Paying via EFT or Zapper

You can do all your StickArt shopping online! All your purchases will reflect in the CART. When you are done shopping, click on the cart and follow the Checkout procedures. After your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email. Shortly after that you will receive an invoice with our bank details for payments. Please ensure that your order is correct on the StickArt invoice. In the EFT process, be sure to use your SURNAME as payment references. Please note once an order has been placed, payment must take place within to 24 hours to secure it. We only start processing an order once payment has been received by our bank – this can sometimes take up to 3 days, depending on the bank.

Returns & Refunds 

Should you not be satisfied with your StickArt, we are happy to exchange it for any of our other products. Exchanges must be made within 7 days from the date received. The item must be returned in its original, unused condition. Please send us an email at info@stickart.co.za for our address and exchange authorisation. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on shipping costs incurred.


Will vinyl wall decals pull off my paint when I remove it?

Not at all, however this does depend on the quality of your surface and/or paint. We recommend gloss and satin finish painted surfaces: the stickers may not adhere well to some matt paints. If the wall is newly painted, allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the paint to dry completely before applying any StickArt products.
If you want to remove a decal: gently peel the product from the surface by hand. If you applied a StickArt product to a fragile surface, use a blow dryer (heat) to heat the product’s glue so it is easier to take off.

What should I use to colour my interactive wallpaper?

Felt-tip pens: The best medium to use are good quality coloured markers or felt-tip pens (in South Africa we call them kokies). Choose a standard washable kind. These are available at most stationery shops and supermarkets.


Crayon: If you would like to use crayons, choose good, quality crayons that are soft and easy to colour with – cheaper crayons tend to be dull, break easily and difficult to colour with.


Paint: You can also use water-based, craft and acrylic paint to colour and decorate your interactive wall paper. Gouache liquid paint also works very well. Use a good quality paintbrush to prevent stripes and be careful that the paint doesn't drip or leave run marks.


You can get very creative with craft paint! Why not go for gold, glitter or even their striking neon colours?


BUT DON'T STRESS! We will send you a small sample piece with your StickArt Interactive Wallpaper order to practice on and to test your colour and medium. 

Legal stuff

To read more about all the legal stuff, please click here or on the ‘Terms & Conditions’ link found at the bottom of our page.

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